Other Materials

Yarn made from synthetic fibres has many benefits including resilience, stretch & softness. Yet there are issues to consider around their environmental impact and the health implications of chemicals used in production. Recycled yarns are now more readily available – what do they offer to the world of ethical yarn?

Synthetic Fibres & Recycled Yarn

I’ll be exploring issues of synthetic fibres & recycled yarn in areas such as the following:

  • How is acrylic yarn made?
  • Why is acrylic so popular as a yarn?
  • The rise of recycled yarns
  • The environmental impacts of nylon and synthetic yarns
  • Alternatives to nylon for sock yarn

In the meantime, here are some resources you might find interesting.

Microfibres from synthetic yarns are making their way into our rivers, lakes & oceans – read more about How Your Clothes are Poisoning our Ocean and Food Supply

Wool & the Gang offer different types of re-cycled yarn including their Billie Jean Yarn made from denim remnants from denim mills and their Mix Tape Yarn made from upcycled t-shirt scraps.



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