The Animals

The debate around the ethics of using animals for wool and yarn is a hot one! On the side there is concern about animal welfare, the use of land, the contribution of livestock to climate change and the other side there is the promotion of yarns derived from animals because of their sustainability and durability.

Ethics of Using Animals for Wool & YarnLamb in field

I’ll be exploring the ethical debate in areas such as the following:

  • The environmental benefits and impacts of sheep farming
  • Rare breeds – should we be acting to ensure their survival?
  • What’s the problem with mulesing?
  • Angora – is it cruel?
  • The ethical issues of cashmere
  • Yak wool – the soft alternative to cashmere?
  • What is peace silk?
  • The British alpaca industry

In the meantime, here are some resources you might find interesting.

Rewilding vs Upland Farming

A great 30-minute podcast from Farmerama Radio including interviews with Dame Fiona Reynolds and an upland hill farmer, Rees Roberts, on the topics of beauty, land, rewilding, upland sheep farming and spiritual ecology – Farmerama Podcast

Sheep Farming & the Environment

An article by George Monbiot in the Spectator on the environmental impacts of sheep farming – Sheep – the greatest threat to our countryside?

A document on the environmental benefits of sheep in arable rotations produced by the National Sheep Association – The Benefits of Sheep in Arable Rotations


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