The People

Who makes your yarn? Is it fairtrade yarn? What are the ethical issues for the people who produce wool & yarn? Who are the influential people in the yarn world? What are the wellbeing benefits of knitting and other textile crafts? How can we use our love of yarn as craftivism for positive change in the world?

Indian lady spinningFairtrade Yarn, Influential People, Wellbeing & Craftivism

I’ll be exploring the different people-related aspects of ethical yarn including:

  • Fairtrade – how does the wool and yarn and industry promote fair-trade and support communities?
  • Who are the influential people in the wool and yarn world?
  • What are the connections with wellbeing and the art and craft of knitting, weaving and crochet?
  • Why creativity and making things with our hands is important to the human race
  • Knitting & craftivism

In the meantime, here are some resources you might find interesting:

Stitchlinks is an interesting website with information and research findings on the health benefits of knitting.

A great example of a craftivism campaign – Welcome Blanket – set up by the same team behind the Pussyhat Project



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