The Plants

Plant based yarns are often seen as the sustainable alternative to those grown derived from animals. However, there is a lot to consider in relation to the sustainability of plant based yarn from the way in which they plants are grown to the chemicals, water and energy that is needed to process them.

Sustainability of Plant Based Yarn

I’ll be exploring the sustainability issues in areas such as the following:Cotton growing in field

  • Organic vs non-organic cotton
  • The sustainable benefits of hemp
  • How is linen grown?
  • The benefits and environmental impact of bamboo-based yarn
  • Lyocell, modal, rayon & viscose – what are they?
  • Vegan yarns

In the meantime, here are some resources you might find interesting.

Banana Yarn – how we can get silk grade yarn from banana fibre.

Is bamboo really a super-sustainable yarn or fabric? – an article from The Guardian explores some of the sustainability issues of bamboo.

A Huffington Post blog – Protecting our Planet and Protecting Ourselves: The Importance of Organic Cotton.


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