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As a keen knitter, novice crocheter and would-be weaver I have recently become interested in the issues related to ethical yarn. With Real Good Yarns my aim is make it easy for other lovers of yarn to find ethical wool and yarn from suppliers who are taking the extra steps to ensure animal welfare, care for the planet and promote fair trade. My hope in telling the stories of these yarns is to inspire you to consider not only the fabulous colours and textures on offer when choosing your yarns but also the story behind them.

Happy knitting, crocheting & weaving!

Sian x

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How Ethical Is Your Yarn?

How Ethical Is Your Yarn?

When you next start on a knitting, crochet or weaving project, how can you be sure that you are buying ethical wool and yarn? When I tell people I’m researching ethical wool and yarn they usually look surprised. The assumption is that if you are knitting,...

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Plastic-Free Yarn

Reducing our plastic consumption is a hot topic on the news and social media at the moment. This is something I’ve been interested in for a long time and now, in the UK at least, it’s become a focus of general debate. Inspired by the focus on plastic, I...

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Vegan Yarn

This month is Veganuary! Every year since 2014 Veganuary, a vegan charity, has been encouraging people to go Vegan for January. Now, I’m not vegan but I am interested in the vegan yarn that is available for vegan knitters, crocheters and weavers. The...

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Featured Yarn – Yeavering Bell

Earlier this year I met Alice Elsworth of Whistlebare at Wonderwool Wales. We talked briefly and I really liked her ethos as well as her beautiful ethical mohair. So, it was a great pleasure last week to visit Alice at her farm in Northumberland, meet her...

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Latest News

Have a look at these fabulous crocheted, giant ‘sea urchins‘ –  part of 2017 iLight Marina Bay, Singapore, which had the theme of Biomimicry and sustainability.

A new chlorine-free treatment named Life Fibre Eco-Friendly Treatment is being piloted in the heart of the Japanese wool industry. To read more go to Woolnews.

a new chlorine free treatment named LIFE FIBRE ECO-FRIENDLY TREATMENT (LIFE FIBRE EFT) in the heart of the Japanese wool industry – See more at: http://www.woolnews.net/#sthash.h0SGbWTq.dpuf

Good Yarn Criteria


All suppliers on this website are confident that animal-produced yarns come from animals that have been well-treated. The 'animal-friendly' tag is for those suppliers who go the extra step to ensure the welfare of their animals, either by visiting the farms or by selling yarn produced by their own animals. This website is a mulesing-free zone.

To be labelled 'organic' a product has to have received a recognised certification. Organic cotton or wool has been produced without the use of chemicals.
Eco-conscious yarns, whilst not certified organic, take care to minimize their impact on the environment throughout all phases of their growing and production.
Fairly traded yarns are produced ethically, ensuring that workers are paid a fair wage and have good working conditions. Fair Trade is a formal certification for some fairly-traded product

Recycled yarns come in a number of forms from recycled sari silk to t-shirt material.

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