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What makes a ‘Real Good Yarn’? This ethical yarn directory has been compiled as a result of conversations with suppliers, recommendations and online research. It details yarn suppliers who take extra steps to care for animals, people and the environment. I don’t audit the suppliers and there’s no standard certification process. I suspect that as I learn more about the ethics of the world of wool and yarn that the listings will change. I certainly hope that a lot more suppliers of ‘real good’ yarn will be added.

I am currently offering a FREE Premium Listing to suppliers who are taking extra steps to care for their animals, the planet and/or the people involved in the production of their yarns. A Premium Listing allows for them to add their ‘real good’ credentials as well as photos to their listings

If you have any specific questions or want to find out more about a particular yarn then please contact the supplier directly. If you know of suppliers that I should add to the directory then please let me know.

I hope you enjoy your exploration of Real Good Yarns.

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big sky textiles

Summary: big sky textiles make beautiful handspun yarns, handwoven textiles and spinning and weaving kits.  With an emphasis on sustainability and treading lightly on the earth, the focus is on using British wools and fibres and recycled materials. My work is labour intensive, often starting with a raw fleece and then dyeing, spinning and weaving it.  Wherever possible, the fleece and fibres are locally sourced or discovered at farms while on my travels in George, my camper [...]
United Kingdom
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